My Journey 

For over 15 year I have been on a personal journey of eating healthy and whenever possible Organic!  Eating Healthy was not overly difficult for me since my Father’s family is of Middle Eastern background, so I grew up mostly on a Mediterranean diet.  I brought sandwiches to school in Pita bread long before my classmates even knew what that was (since they ate their sandwich on Wonder Bread). 


Before moving to Nashville in 2003, I was healthy, fit, feeling great and looking healthy.  In the high level Corporate position I accepted,  which relocated me here, I was expected to work long hours, weekends and work the Road Warrior lifestyle.  For two years I traveled from city to city, ate in restaurants, hotels and airports and never on any regular timeframe.  Additionally, I was so worn out that I hardly exercised worked long days with little sleep and unbelievable stress, I soon packed on 30 pounds and stumbled down a long road of health problems, from Anxiety attacks, IBS, Insomnia, memory loss and many other things.  My hands would sweat and shake uncontrollably and I thought that I would not make it through another month.  I knew stress and poor eating had already taken it’s toll.    My doctor told me if I didn’t change my job or career soon I would probably die an early death. 


How did this all happen so fast?  Two years before I was working for the Olympics in Salt Lake City , Utah, working out at the gym almost every day, hiking in the Mountains, and doing all kinds of physical activities while eating Healthy and Organic, looking and feeling Great!  I found myself  in a downward spiral heading quickly to the grave.    Well, what I soon realized is that I am not alone – many struggle with the same issues and are lacking knowledge as to what is going on or may even be too scared to do something about it.  Well, I’m here to tell you that there can be Victory and this does not have to be your fate!  Listen Up!   If I can conquer, so can you! 


After this entire ordeal, I have worked independently and have had the time to properly take care of myself, eating right, sleeping better, exercising and taking my supplements.  My body has responded tremendously and I have hardly been sick – haven’t had an anxiety attack in over 3 years, IBS is gone, and I am now helping others on the Road Back to Health…..Won’t you join me?


How Can I help?

I am a personal chef and help my clients on the road back to health.  I customize menus that satisfy their desires while keeping those programs healthy and organic.  I interview clients to discover their likes/dislikes and dietary needs and customize their meals to meet those objectives.  I present menu options, purchase the food and prepare the food at their homes.  Meals are stored to be eaten that night or during the week with instruction for reheating and they are set for the week.   My service also includes cleaning up and leaving the kitchen clean and orderly.


Nashville based

Farm to Fork

Organic Private

Celebrity Chef

and Caterer