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"For the past three and a half years Cyndi Shalhoub has been making sure that my family is treated to healthy delicious meals several times a week. I can't begin to describe the quality of having Cyndi's expertise and spirit as part of our lives.  She has her own style of cooking and rises to every challenge we present to her. She is on time, efficient and a flat out genius in the kitchen. I wish that everyone would have the chance to have a meal prepared by Cyndi. She is one of a kind!"

— Scott Hamilton,  1984 Olympic Gold Medalist



"Cyndi's spirit and talent are such a blessing to any home. She can provide your family with so much more than just a good home-cooked meal. Whether it was the fun samples she had for my boys or the stories she shared about her experiences and interest in healthy living, I knew that she was more than just a talented chef. She was a friend to our family! During the eight month period that work was had extra long hours and family life was so hectic , I didn't want my family to suffer by not getting some healthy home-cooked meals. Cyndi was the answer by cooking in my kitchen twice each month and then making several more dishes that could be pulled out of the fridge or freezer later in the week."

— Julie Taleghani




 ~ Pete & Hope Fisher





"Chef Cyndi was the answer to a prayer for my gluten-free celiac diet! I was really sick of the same plain veggies and plain fish, chicken & meat. I missed things like ravioli, lasagne and sauces...and I was tired of trying to order in restaurants that had no idea what "gluten free" entailed. ("Don't worry ma'am--there's NO potato in that dish!!!")  Cyndi can cook ANYTHING, and can do it without gluten ingredients or contamination. And, by the way, her lasagne is to die for...divine homemade red sauce!! My husband--not on gluten free--loves everything she makes as well."

— Marsha Hunt



"Recently my husband and I were privileged to have Chef Cyndi Shalhoub cook a meal for us at our home. While she prepared the meal I was free to focus on the concerns of that particular day, which was such an enormous gift. We sat down to an incredible meal of gently poached Halibut in an amazing sauce of sauteed ginger and shallots with fresh carrot juice.


Every item was filling and satisfying yet clean and light. Finally a meal that enhances the actual flavor of the ingredients instead of masking them in salt and over- spicing!  We were blown away by how such an amazing meal changed the whole atmosphere of our evening, from hurried and disheveled to calm and enjoyable! Cyndi is professional, she left our kitchen as she found it,

and then left us to enjoy our evening. It was truly a gift!"

— Chef Kelly Cox



"I have the had the pleasure of knowing Cyndi Shalhoub for over three years. Her cooking is not only delicious but also nutritious, organic and aesthetic. Since I myself am also an avid cook I can attest to the fact that Cyndi invests a lot of time and care in her dishes. She is passionate about cooking healthy and is very thorough and knowledgeable about her ingredients and the benefits of organic meals.

Since the average person spends 6 years and ten months eating in his or her 70 year life time,

don't you think it's an important investment to eat healthy and delicious meals?

You will benefit greatly by Cyndi's personal detail & care put into each meal."
— Johanna Macden



“Cyndi was a life saver, I work full time and needed a chef to prepare meals for a special diet of 28 days.  I also asked her to prepare regular dinners for the family.   She came into our home and accommodated the stringent requirements of the diet with ease.  Her meals were inventive and delicious, my family enjoyed the meals she prepared for them. Should I need a private chef again,

I will call on Cyndi to help make meals  a breeze.”

— Jenney Petrikin



"We are so thankful for Cyndi! Who knew chicken could taste like that? She made our dinner party very special, and our guests were blown away. Can't wait for her to cook for us again. Oh,

and don't forget to ask her to make Guacamole."
— Kelley & Karen Lovelace 



"We hired Cyndi to cater a casual business dinner we were hosting for 18 people from all over the country in our home.  We wanted quality food, but wanted the relaxed atmosphere of a home dinner.  Cyndi met this challenge enthusiastically.  We met with her the week prior to the dinner to plan the menu and finalize details.  She made great suggestions regarding the menu, presentation of the food, as well as tips on table settings and flow of the night.  Cyndi and her assistant Benjamin worked diligently the day before and the day of the party to prepare the meal so that it would be as fresh as possible.  She was incredibly flexible to work with the tools that I have in my kitchen and seemed to adapt or overcome whatever obstacle she met.  The night of the party flowed without any problems.  Cyndi and Benjamin worked as quietly and neatly as possible knowing that some of our guests would be eating in the kitchen also.  The food was as good, if not better than we would have had at any restaurant in Nashville.  You could really tell the difference in her effort to use only high quality, organic ingredients whenever possible.  The presentation of the food was top quality also.  Every item was placed with care and presented as elegantly as you would expect.  As an added bonus, Cyndi and Benjamin worked afterwards to ensure that everything in the kitchen was cleaned and stored so that we were not left with any clean up after the party.  She is truly a professional.  We would highly recommend her for either your personal chef or catering needs. 

We will certainly call her again when the time arises."
 — Mary Page and Del Hickman

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